Thank you for all your support during the COVID-19 Crisis! Donate HERE!

The Melville Food Bank's COVID-19 Response Plan

The Melville & District Food Bank wishes that you and your family are staying healthy!

Here is our COVID-19 Response Plan. All important links are found further below in the video description.

First if you NEED help or can make a donation go to

With large layoffs already made and more expected the Melville Food Bank is seeing an increase in need for food. We are preparing for a three-fold increase in families needing our services

Our food bank typically helps around 100 households for 1-3 months at a time. That number may rise sharply to 300 or more households for 6-12+ months.

Thankfully we moved into a warehouse in Fall 2019 ten times the size of the house we occupied before. One of the reasons for such a large facility was to be capable of responding to a large-scale crisis such as a flood. We never expected that crisis would come so quickly in the form of a virus!

The Food Bank is well positioned to assist ease the hardship of this crisis; On the condition that we keep a strong food supply, and our volunteers remain healthy.

If you haven’t seen the new locations for yourself take a drive past 176 2nd Ave East in Melville. Located inside the “Old Liquor Store”.

We expect that the economic fallout from then the COVID-19 crisis will be much longer than the health crisis.

To ensure we are fair and consistent while keeping our community fed we will be operating under the following practices.

1) Be good neighbors to each other.

If you can help someone directly that has lost their job, please do so.

Whether that is in providing them with food from your pantry or cash for bills, your direct help can offer relief much quicker and effectively.

This will be a great help to us. So that we can focus our resources on helping neighbours that may not have a strong support network.

2) If you NEED food:

Please complete the form on our website. For each visit please. The online form is the preferred method to contact us.

It helps our operation stay organized and ensure your request for help is not missed. The link to the form is above.…/schedule-an-intake-appointme…

Alternatively, you can call us at 306-728-4955 if you don’t have access to the internet or our website.

ALL requests for assistance are strictly confidential.

Also please contact us before you are in complete crisis. The time to contact us is when you are 2-4 weeks away from being forced to choose between paying your rent, electricity or buying food.

Contact us before you are forced with making an impossible choice. Our help early on may mitigate you from being further behind on late fees and penalties.

Also on a similar note – Many banks and companies are currently offering the option to defer payments.

We recommend if possible to continue paying your bills by their regular due dates.

The deferment options may have unknown or very expensive long term financial consequences and credit score. Speak with a qualified financial advisor on how paying late or defering payment may impact you.

2B) To keep our volunteers and community safe, we are pre-scheduling pickups.

Drop-ins are discouraged. At the minimum please call ahead to allow ample time to prepare a food supplement for you.

Grocery pickups will continue to occur during our regular business hours.

a. Monday; 12:30pm-3:30pm
b. Wednesday; 5pm-8pm
c. Thursday; 12:30pm-3:30pm

d. All visitors will have a 10 minute window to pickup their groceries

e. Upon arrival a volunteer will greet you and ask what you need for your family.

f. All visitors will wait inside the glass entranceway, while their groceries are bagged by a volunteer.

Please keep a 2M distance from other people.

3) Ways you can help:

a. Cash donation (consider a monthly donation of $20, 30 or $40)
b. Food Donation or other non-cash donation

All cash and non-cash donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

4) Why a cash donation?

Due to the amazing generosity of our community’s grocery stores, the Melville Food Bank has excellent buying power. For every $1 donated to the Food Bank we can purchase $3-4 worth of food.

As a result cash donations are the most effective way to keep our shelves stocked with the most needed essentials.

Donations can be made on our website at:…/donations-and-pledges

5) Would you like to donate food or supplies?

Complete our non-cash donation form on our website:

Non-cash donors will receive a receipt-in-kind.

Thank YOU to the residents of Melville, Ituna, Hubbard, Grenfell, and nearby areas for your tremendous support of the Melville Food Bank!

Stay healthy and be well!

*disclaimer: The Melville Food Bank and its volunteers, board members and staff are not qualified financial advisors. All financial remarks are the opinion of the speaker in the video. Please seek the advice of a qualified financial agent for advice suitable to your situation.