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New Building Fund

Feed a Man for A Day

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

For many years we have been operating out of a 600 sq foot 1950s era house. It has served Melvillle well, however is no longer adequate to serve the growing number of neighbors that need our help.

The Issue: Poverty in Rural Saskatchewan

In our area we are blessed to have deep rooted families spanning generations. We are a proud people of pioneer and indigenous roots.

Overall we have an excellent reputation for supporting family members and neighbours. This make the issue of poverty difficult to discuss and resolve. Poverty in our community is a topic we prefer to keep hidden from sight.

The truth is that a much larger percentage of our community than we would like to admit are struggling in poverty. The Food Bank's current mandate is to alleviate part of this problem by ensuring no one goes hungry.

We give our working poor, pensioners, sick and laid off tradespeople the fuel to fight another day. To work towards long term improvement of their life.

 Fuel to live another day

The Resolution

Teach our neighbours how to fish! (Metaphorically and quite possibly literally!)

While being a stopgap in poverty is an important role for the Melville Food Bank to play, we need to expand our mandate to developing life skills. A trend we have observed is that many Food Bank clients are weak in the the areas of cooking and budgeting.

Our expanded mandate with the acquisition of a larger facility is to provide services like cooking workshops and budgeting classes. Having a facility to teach these 2 skills would alleviate the food-shortage aspect of the poverty issue.

Teaching the next generation to fish

Our Desired New Location

In 2017 we began looking for an alternative location. In spring 2019 with the support of the City of Melville we have put in an offer for the "Old Liquor Store". The SGLA is the best location for the following reasons.

  • The existing warehouse space can be easily modified to suit our "Grocery Store Style" shopping concept
  • Ample space for shelving, workshop kitchen, classroom, office, etc.
  • Loading dock for deliveries
  • Easily accessible parking lot
  • Commercial grade utilities suitable for commercial refrigeration

We have only until early September 2019 to raise $60,000 to secure this facility!

Read more about our full New Building Masterplan HERE

Budgeting workshops and cooking classes

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