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Our New Home!

Proposed new Melville Food Bank location. Exterior View Aug 2019Proposed new Melville Food Bank Community Kitchen. Concept sketched Aug 2019

The new Melville & District Food Bank with Community Kitchen.
Formerly the "Old Liquor Store". Located at 172 2 Avenue East in Melville, Saskatchewan

Thank You For Our New Home!

The Melville Food Bank is pleased to announce it has moved to its new home inside the former Liquor Store! The move was completed in late Fall 2019 with the overwhelming help countless volunteers. Funding for our 6000+ square foot warehouse was secured in September 2019 thanks to the residents of Melville and surrounding community. This new facility has allowed to begin following through on the our New Building Masterplan described below:

New Building Vision

It's 5pm Monday and you are on your way to the Melville Food Bank. Hours at work have been cut significantly and you are having difficulties affording groceries. While you search for steadier employment, the food bank's weekly supplement has been a huge help in ensuring you don't get behind on paying rent.

Today is different however. Instead of just picking up a hamper, you will be partaking in a Stir Fry cooking class! The Melville Food Bank in their new location is outfitted with a Community Kitchen.

The Melville Food Bank just recently moved into the "Old Liquor Store" located at 172 2nd Avenue in Downtown, Melville.

You'll spend the next hour preparing your dinner in the Community Kitchen, socialize a bit with the other participants and take the leftovers home.

Learning how to cook some new dishes has kept your bagged lunches much more interesting, and satisfying. The Food Bank also has a Budgeting workshop scheduled for the following week, which you plan on attending.

The Melville Food Bank has made your circumstances a little easier. The atmosphere when you visit is friendly and welcoming. You feel comfortable when you visit and encouraged to improve your circumstances. In 3-6 months time, you hope to be settled into a steadier job and plan to return the favor by volunteering with the Melville Food Bank!Community Volunteer Garden

Additional Services and Amenities

  1. Industrial Sized Community Kitchen (In process. Completion delayed due to COVID crisis)
  2. Cooking classes (Delayed due to COVID crisis)
  3. Classroom space for budget and life skills workshops.
  4. Community Centre

Cooking Classes

Why the "Old Liquor Store"?

The "Old Liquor Store" was selected as the Melville & District Food Bank's new location. It is located at 172 2 Ave East in Melville, Saskatchewan.

It has the commercial style amenities that we need to best serve our community. Here are some of the reasons why this location was selected:

  • Commercial space

    Tall ceilings for storage, commercial grade electrical for refrigeration, existing shelving systems.

  • Wheelchair accessible

    No stairs, ramps or obstacles blocking the main entrance.

  • Off street parking

    Plenty of parking with easy access to main entrance

  • Loading dock

    To safely and efficiently accept large food deliveries.

  • Ready-to-use office space

    For our office staff, volunteers and program coordinators.

  • Room to grow

    The Old Liquor Store is large enough to accommodate the addition of future programs and services. We should never have the issue of running out of space. Which was a major challenge at the past 500 sq foot house location.