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About Our Director

A Big Heart and Coupon Clipping Feeds Plenty

Excerpt from Facebook Page
Originally Published Aug 12, 2019

The Melville & District Food Bank has been operating for over 2 decades.
In 2014 Colleen Gorecki took over as Director. As a teenager and young adult she often worked at A&P Grocer; a grocery store that her father managed. Over the years Colleen operated several businesses and learned the skill of extreme couponing; - Extreme couponing is the skill of carefully combining coupons, flyer offers, PC Points and Air Miles to have the grocery store GIVE you your purchase for free or nearly free.

By 2012 Colleen had amassed a large stash of food in her Melville home basement from her Extreme Couponing adventures. Not wanting to waste her good fortune, she opened a mini food bank in her basement, and shared her bounty with her neighbours.
Then in 2014 the opportunity arose to help her neighbours on a full-time basis as the Director of the Melville & District Food Bank.
Since 2014 Colleen and her husband Lyle have tirelessly volunteered their time and talents to ensuring residents of Melville (and nearby towns) are never without food. The food bank has also grown substantially in size and support thanks to your direction.
We have a bright future ahead.
Melville Food Bank Director Picking Up Food Donation